I guess I'm getting inspired by Dr. Who, who goes through periods of regeneration to keep himself fresh (and to keep himself from oblivion!). As I've been working on my PhD, things have been happening in education. Governments (AND educators) are taking another look at Common Core. Assessment practices are being questioned. Higher level thinking is still (and will always be) important, but there is a trend to get away from STEM to STEAM (and hopefully, remembering that music is part of the "A" of "arts" in STEAM). I have solidified and developed even more ideas and thoughts in my favorite approach to teaching: Orff-Schulwerk.
So, my blog and store are going to go through some changes, including title changes and minor focus changes. Hopefully this will happen in the next couple of months. I am still working on my PhD (hopefully in the finishing stages), but I want this blog to reflect the new ideas and a new theme while still keeping many of the tried and true activities and the heart of my teaching: music is for everyone. Music and other subjects can play together nicely. Music should be student-focused.
So, to keep things "punny" (since I'm tired and punch happy and about to get ready for my daughter's wedding shower!):

(Insert requisite collective groan here.........)